Your customers are always looking for the next mobile breakthrough. They want endless upgrades, instant trade-ins (swapping), phone insurance, technical support and fast repair — and they want it today.
That’s why there’s Pavelon. We free your customers to live more fully-connected lives, and your business to grow faster and go further.
More than just mobile device protection, Pavelon helps your customers get the device they want, get it fixed and make the most of their technology.

Synergy is in our DNA.

We succeed when our partners succeed. Creating incredible value for all stakeholders is what Pavelon is all about.


One Partner
beginning to end.

Customer Insights

Improve service with a broader picture of what your customers want and need. Pavelon’s visibility across the entire customer lifecycle and our commitment to research means we deliver more customer insight than any partner in the industry.

Trade-in & Buy Back

Provide maximum trade-in value and multi-faceted upgrade bundles, improving the customer experience and enhancing your brand. Pavelon is known for bundling trade-in/upgrade and mobile device protection for carriers

Program Optimization

Optimize every channel with a dedicated support team that helps make your offers as effective as possible. From marketing teams that design support collateral to sales optimization processes designed to improve your sales margins and attach rates, we’re your trusted advisor.

Customer Care

Ensure your star rating stays where it should be and gain market-leading Net Promoter Scores for your brand. Pavelon’s customer care teams are trained to treat your customers just as you would – with energy, effectiveness and empathy.

Repair & Logistics

Lower your expenses and gain additional revenue with a comprehensive repair and logistics solution. We have invested in facilities, people and technology. Pavelon is the repair and logistics partner that can support every aspect of your program.

Data-Driven Product Design

Anticipate rather than react to customer needs, relying on our breadth of experience and unmatched understanding of consumers. This comprehensive know-how leads to innovations for our clients, and headaches for their competitors.


Boost customer loyalty and elevate your brand.