How Pavelon Works

Choose Device

Visit Click join Now and Select your device. Choose your model and capacity.

Submit Application

Fill out the provided form and provide every detail requested including government issued ID’s and click submit.

Wait for Decision

Our finance partners will review your information and make a decision within 24hrs.

Receive and Activate Device

Confirm Receipt of your Device and activate various services and apps installed on your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pavelon Device Finance?

The Pavelon Device Finance Program is a Pay as you Go Smartphone Finance and Upgrade Program that allows eligible individuals to obtain a smartphone of their choice, pay monthly and upgrade to a new smartphone yearly. Users also get a full year Smartphone Insurance Coverage, Premium Smartphone Anti-theft Service and Remote Tech Support.

What information is needed to apply for a Device loan with the Pavelon Finance Program?

If you’re joining the Pavelon Device Finance Program for the first time, you’ll be asked to provide some Personal information, Income information and information about Employment. This can be provided on our website or directly to our finance partners at their premises.

What happens after I submit my application?

There are three possible outcomes when you submit your application.

Approved – Congratulations! Your loan has been approved. We will immediately setup and deliver your smartphone or show you where to pick it up. In any case, you should have your device in less than two days after approving your application.
Pending – This means either we need to verify some information for your protection, or we need more information for our finance partners to make our decision. We will usually contact you within 10 days with a decision. To check the status of your application, go to the Pavelon Page where you first applied. Click on the “Check Status” link on the page. Enter your credentials so we know it’s you and click Continue.
Declined – This is not a message we want to deliver, but based on the information provided, we are not able to approve the application.

What do my monthly payments cover?

Your monthly payments cover the full cost of the Smartphone, as well as Pavelon Protect Smartphone Insurance, Anti-theft Apps and remote tech support.

Who are the Finance Partners?

Stanbic Bank is Pavelon’s official financing partner for the Pavelon Device Finance Program. Monthly charges from Stanbic Bank will appear on your bank statement per the terms of your installment loan. You will also receive communications from Stanbic Bank about your loan.

What is the Annual Interests Rate?

Please see the Terms and Conditions for Annual Percentage Rates available to applicants. Interests rates are set by our Bank Partners.

How does Pavelon arrange for me to pay in instalments?

When you join the program, you are entering a credit agreement that is administered through a third party, Stanbic Bank or any other finance partner that we will announce along the way. For this reason, you need to undergo a credit check as part of your application.

How long can the credit screening take?

Some applications might require verification checks, once the application is submitted. Our finance partners aims to decision these application within 72 hours.

Can I purchase several smartphones through the Pavelon Device Finance Program?

No. Only one device per transaction is available.

My phone has a cracked screen – am I still eligible for the upgrade?

You will need to have your phone repaired by Pavelon’s authorised repair centre. If you are eligible for a claim under the Pavelon Protection Plan, Smartphone Insurance, you can file a claim if the damage was accidental. Once it has been repaired, you will be eligible for the upgrade process.

Why has my application for credit been declined?

We understand that customers can be concerned when their application for finance is unsuccessful. As we work with responsible lenders, we have used all the details you have provided in your application and information supplied by a credit reference agency to allow us to make a decision. Each application is individually and carefully considered.

What happens to my existing loan when I upgrade?

Following approval of your new application, once we’ve received your old phone and if any fees to be paid. We will also make sure you have settled and closed your existing agreement before setting up your new loan agreement.Any missed payments and fees must be cleared on your existing loan agreement. Payments may differ on your new loan with our finance partners.