Facilitating affordable smartphone ownership for low and middle-income consumers in emerging markets.

More than 500 Million people living in Sub Saharan Africa do not have access to Smartphones and therefore cannot go online – GSMA

The digital divide, closed.

We want to help close the digital divide in Sub Saharan Africa, and create new opportunities for people in education, healthcare, and business.

Spreading the digital revolution equally.

Every day, we work hard to make access to digital products and services affordable and ubiquitous. We want everyone to be part of the digital revolution, regardless of factors such as race, age, nationality, gender, or income.

Bringing Finance to the under-served.

We believe in making smartphone technology and financial services available to billions of people in emerging markets who are under-served. We bring together cutting-edge technology and user-friendly consumer finance products to open new channels for personal empowerment and financial growth.


We realize that we can’t walk this road alone so we have partnered with all these incredible brands to create a seamless user experience for Pavelon users.

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